TR CU 025/2012 “On the safety of furniture products

TR CU 025/2012 “On the safety of furniture products

These technical regulations apply to furniture products put into circulation in the common customs territory of the Customs Union – products, sets, furniture sets for household and public premises, including those made to individual orders.

The country of manufacture does not matter – the requirements for all products are the same. Furniture used for its intended purpose and properly maintained must provide mechanical, fire, electrical, chemical and sanitary safety.

Field of application

The list of furniture products for which the requirements of technical regulations of the Customs Union “On safety of furniture products” are established is listed in Annex 1 to TR CU 025/2012. These are cabinets, tables, beds, mattresses, sofas, chairs and armchairs and other products. They may be intended for both residential and public premises (administrative premises, educational institutions, theatrical and entertainment facilities, railway stations, hotels, retail, catering, ship premises, etc.).

Paragraph 4 of Article 2 lists furniture that constitutes an exception to the scope of application:

  • used;
  • medical;
  • antique;
  • used in ground, underground and air transport;
  • exhibition pieces.

How is the conformity of furniture confirmed

Almost all furniture is subject to declaration. Only children’s furniture (household, for preschools, for educational institutions) is subject to certification.

The certificate and declaration can be issued to the manufacturer, importer (seller) or representative of a foreign manufacturer registered in the EEU as a legal entity or individual entrepreneur. The certificate is issued by an accredited certification body, and the declaration procedure is carried out by the applicant.

Period of validity of certificate and declaration is established depending on a number of factors: peculiarities of products, applicant’s status, chosen scheme of confirmation of conformity, etc., but it cannot exceed 5 years. Information about the authorization documents must be entered into the Unified Register posted on the website of Rosakkreditatsiya (FSA). The certificate is registered by the issuing body, and the declaration is registered by the applicant himself, according to the procedure approved by the Government Decree № 936 from 19.06.2021.

Certification Stages

Your application will be managed by a personal manager. He will tell you in detail how the service will be provided.

  1. You will receive an exact list of documents (including the documents needed to assess the production, if it is provided by the certification scheme).
  2. In accordance with the certification scheme, the expert will select samples of furniture and send them to an accredited laboratory for testing.
  3. If serial products are being certified, the expert will analyze the production. His aim is to make sure that the manufacturer has the necessary conditions to ensure the production of products that meet the requirements of TR CU 025/2012.
  4. If the results of tests and production verification are positive, the certification body will draw up and issue you a certificate.
  5. If the certificate is issued for series production, the certified furniture will be inspected at certain intervals during its validity. It is necessary to ensure that the production conditions still meet the confirmed requirements and the furniture corresponds to the requirements of TR CU 025/2011.

We can help you with the declaration!

We will help you carry out the procedure according to all the rules:

  1. provide a list of documents that need to be collected, taking into account the conditions of your application;
  2. help to fill in the declaration;
  3. explain where and how to get EDS, which is needed to register the declaration;
  4. check the availability and correctness of all documents;
  5. “upload” a draft of the declaration with the attached documents to the registry FGIS FSA (you will only need to sign it with your EDS).

Furniture that meets the requirements of TR CU 025/2012 has a single mark of product circulation on the label, packaging, and shipping documentation of the EEU member states.

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