Certificate of the River and Sea Register

Certificate of the River and Sea Register

The Russian River Register and the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping are organizations that classify and certify ships and various floating objects. They have their own registered voluntary certification systems. These systems confirm conformity of materials, technical devices and other products to normative documents developed by the Registers themselves as well as to various standards, technical specifications, contractual terms and conditions which set requirements to the objects of certification.

Voluntary certification is carried out in order to guarantee the safety of ships during navigation, people and cargoes during their transportation on the sea and inland waterways, to contribute to environmental protection.

Documents issued by the Registries

A certificate confirming that the product meets the requirements of a Register:

  • type approval
  • individual

Certificate of company compliance (certifies that the company meets the requirements of the Register when carrying out the declared works (rendering services).

Certificate of recognition:

  • manufacturer (certifies that the Register has recognized the enterprise as the manufacturer of products and materials for those vessels for which it has technical supervision);
  • testing laboratory (certifying that it is competent to carry out certain types of tests);
  • organization as a service provider (certifies that the services provided by the organization or the work it performs meet the requirements of the Register);

Our services

Within the framework of voluntary certification systems of both Registers our company provides consultations and assistance in the following issues:

  1. preparation and approval of technical documentation for construction/repair/refurbishment of ships, production of materials and products for installation on ships and their repair;
  2. carrying out a wide range of certification tests;
  3. obtaining of the following documents
  • type-approval certificate (for products and materials)
  • individual certificate
  • manufacturer’s/laboratory/service provider’s certificate of recognition;
  • welder’s permit.

The tests and measurements we perform are

  • electrical;
  • mechanical;
  • vibroacoustic;
  • optical-physical;
  • thermotechnical;
  • fire;
  • explosion protection;
  • electromagnetic compatibility;
  • climatic;

The following types of nondestructive testing we apply

  • visual and measuring;
  • magnetic particle;
  • ultrasonic;
  • acoustic-emission;
  • radiographic;
  • penetrating substances (color method);
  • eddy current.

In addition, we inspect metal structures of ship floating cranes, defect and test GPM.

Our services

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