Certificate of type approval of measuring instruments

Certificate of type approval of measuring instruments

In certain fields of activity, the accuracy and uniformity of measurements are controlled by the state. The measuring instruments (hereinafter referred to as measuring instruments) that are used for this purpose must undergo type approval. For other measuring instruments this procedure can be carried out at will of their owners.

Type approval is a complex of works which allows defining general metrological and technical characteristics inherent in certain group of measuring instruments.

Type approval procedure

Approval of the type in each EEU country is handled by an authorized body of state power. In Russia, this is Rosstandart. It makes a decision based on the results of the tests. A manufacturer, seller, or manufacturer’s representative registered as a legal entity or individual entrepreneur can apply for the service (i.e. act as an applicant). The producer himself can also apply for this service.

Necessary tests are carried out by an accredited metrology laboratory. Their volume depends on the testing program, which is developed by the laboratory. The purpose, application field and character of MI production, normative documents according to which it was produced, its metrological and technical characteristics, presence or absence of software in it and also information contained in operation documents are taken into account.

In the course of tests all product characteristics are determined, software (if any) is identified, test procedure is tested, calibration interval is determined and it is checked whether the product design does not allow unauthorized access to the settings, on which its accuracy depends. On the results of the tests an act with annexes (the program and protocols of tests of MI, the draft description of the type of MI, the methodology of verification) is drawn up.

Rosstandart within 30 working days after the application of the applicant shall:

  • review the submitted test report;
  • approve the MI type;
  • establish the validity period of the approved MI type;
  • establish the verification interval and approve the verification procedure;
  • to enter information on type approval into the Federal Information Fund (FGIS Arshin);
  • draw up and issue a certificate to the applicant, if necessary.

The form of the document is established by Order No. 2905 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation of 28.08.2020. The certificate is indefinite for single MIs, but for series-produced MIs it is issued for 5 years.

The fact of type approval is confirmed by entering the information in the FGIS. At the request of the applicant, a paper version of the certificate can be issued. A type approval mark shall be affixed to each instrument and/or accompanying documents.

What we offer

Our company has an accredited metrology laboratory. In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation № 2905 and the Federal law from 26.06.2008 № 102-FL, our experts:

  • will develop a program and methodology for testing your measuring instruments;
  • carry out the necessary tests in full scope;
  • form a package of established documents and submit it to Rosstandart;
  • receive and hand over the certificate to you.

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