TR EEU 037/2016 «On Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment»

TR EEU 037/2016 «On Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment»

TR EEU 037/2016 was developed in order to prevent misleading buyers about the amount of hazardous substances that may be contained in electronic technical devices (hereinafter ー ET/RE), to protect human health and the environment.

The requirements for ET/REs are:

  1. that devices do not contain a number of hazardous substances (these are listed in Appendix No. 2) and homogeneous materials with elevated levels of certain substances (their permitted quantities are also listed in Appendix No. 2);
  2. on the limited use of hazardous substances which are listed in Annex No. 3);
  3. on the marking of goods and registration of operational documents.

Technical devices covered by TR EEU 037/2016

ET/RA are listed in Annex No. 1. In general terms, these are:

1) Household appliances:

  • Video and audio equipment;
  • Large and small kitchen appliances (including built-in appliances);
  • Household appliances (for cleaning, taking care of clothes and shoes, and climate control);
  • Personal care equipment;
  • Clocks and calculators;
  • Sewing equipment;
  • Power packs, chargers, extension cords;
  • Electric pumps;
  • Equipment for electrical installation;
  • Equipment for gardening and horticulture;
  • Equipment for aquariums and artificial ponds;
  • Equipment for sports and games;

2) PCs, laptops, tablets, and all peripherals that connect to them;

3) Circuit breakers and RCDs; 

4) Telephones, radios, beacons, and other communications equipment; 

5) Cash registers, ATMs, card readers, infokiosks, ticket printing machines;

6) Game machines; 

7) Vending machines;

8) Equipment for the office, including photocopiers;

9) Hand-held tools (mains-powered);

10) Fire and security alarm detectors;

11) Musical instruments (mains-powered);

12) Lighting (including those designed to be built into furniture);

13) Cables, wires and cords (up to 500 V)

There are products to which TR EEU 037/2016 does not apply. These exceptions are listed in paragraph 3 of Chapter 1. If you have questions about your products, we are ready to advise you.

How compliance is confirmed

ET/RE are subject to declaration.

Applicants (declarants) may be manufacturers, importers (sellers) or manufacturer’s representatives who are registered in the EEU. The applicant must register the accepted declaration in accordance with the procedure introduced by Decision No. 76 of the EEC Board of 09.04.2013.

A declaration for serial products can be accepted for up to 5 years. If it is a declaration for a batch, it does not specify the period of validity.

The Technical Regulation gives the applicant the right not to declare their products but to certify them. In this case, we are ready to conduct the procedure in the prescribed manner and issue you a certificate.

We can help you with the declaration!

Only the applicant himself can register the declaration of conformity of TR EEU 037/2016. But we are ready to help you carry out the procedure according to all the rules:

  1. provide a list of documents that need to be collected, taking into account the conditions of your particular application;
  2. help to fill in the declaration;
  3. explain where and how to obtain an EDS, which is needed to register the declaration in the registry;
  4. check all documents;
  5. upload a draft of the declaration with the attached documents to the IGIS registry (you will only need to sign it with your EDS).

If you, as a foreign company, do not have an official representative in the territory of the EEU, we are ready to carry out the conformity assessment procedure on our behalf.

We will coordinate the layout of the product authorization document with you in advance to avoid possible errors in it.

The service is provided on the basis of a contract for the function of a foreign manufacturer in terms of ensuring compliance of the supplied products with the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union and in terms of liability for non-compliance of the supplied products with the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union.

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